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Ending Spiral


Never Ending Spiral?

Posted in diet and health by doc

I’m stuck.  I have chronic debilitating pain due to the bilateral lymphedema in my legs.  I can’t wear decent shoes because my feet are swollen too badly to get into anything but the cheap slip-ons.  I can’t even fit into pants any more (well, if they are very large I might be able to, and some sweats).

I can’t exercise due to the pain for the most part.  I have little recourse but to limit my physical activity (going shopping leaves me in throbbing pain for hours afterwards due to the amount of time I’m walking on floors/pavement) and the fact that I’m such a slug is causing me to gain weight, exacerbating my problem.

I’ve tried lots of diets.  I’ve found one that works pretty well, but it’s so boring that I don’t stay with it for very long.  I don’t know what to do, so I just whine about it and get bigger and bigger.

Besides which, diets themselves don’t really work for me in the long run.  Exercise is the only thing that keeps my weight down.

If I could take a month or so off work, laying in bed with my legs wrapped (large, long ace bandages are what does the trick) and extra diuretics, I could get my legs down to a manageable size that fit into support hose.  I might even be able to wear good walking shoes.

Then, I could manage the pain (unless the shin splints return, to which I’m prone) for the most part to get walking again.   When I walk I’m okay, and combined with the diet then, I could be on my way.

But taking a month or so off work is just so impossible.  I got a laptop to work with so I could be on my back but it’s state issue so it’s a posloads pages incredibly slow and it has no cache memory so using it is more frustrating than not.

I guess the case could be made for either dying, or taking some uncomfortable amount of time off.  Hmm.  Dying, or taking some uncomfortable amount of time off.  Hmm…

I don’t know which is worse.