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I flirt with this on a regular basis.  I totally believe that we’ve come far from any semblence of healthy meat consumption in the US and based on wrong parenting styles.

We eat far more meat than our forefathers did, we “grow” our meat in factory settings that are foul, filthy and inhumane.  We kill our meat animals inhumanely.  We pump them full of chemicals and growth hormones and antibiotics to fatten them up and keep them alive in their own filth.

pigs-in-a-crateWe foul our air and land with their waste products, we contribute to global warming with their exhalations and methane production, we drive up the price of food grains by fattening our meat animals on human quality grain products.

All this and swine flu, too?  Not to mention the avian flu, and mad cow disease.   Help!

So why am I not a vegetarian right now?  Nothing compelling, mostly habit and apathy.  I keep thinking I’ll do it but I don’t knuckle down and make the commitment.

So how about you?  Are you doing better than we are?  Have you at least made the switch to free-range and/or organic meats?

I don’t do any of the cool social networking things.  I do keep this dinosaur blog.  It’s an outlet, it’s a rant-mobile, it’s where I choose how much of me to share.  (And I’m still guilty of TMI in my writing). quill-parchment

So almost everyone I know has the social accounts online, including my teenagers.  I get visitors linking here from Facebook (and I’m thinking H3 may be the reason) and my brother has a MySpace account (page?).   Lessie tweets.

When will I upgrade, join the rest of the world? Probably not for awhile.  This is comfortable, for now.

How many of you have these accounts, and why do you prefer them to a blahg?

Arlen Specter, 3 time cancer survivor who has been the moderate in most things, finally says “get thee hence, Satan Limbaugh” and has had enough.  He’s coming over to the good side of the Force.

Per this story on CNN, Specter said this was a natural move for him.

“As the Republican Party has moved farther and farther to the right, I have found myself increasingly at odds with the Republican philosophy and more in line with the philosophy of the Democratic Party”

But this move also puts him out of the primary problems next year in his state, Pennsylvaniawhere he almost lost the 2004 primary to a more conservative opponent, Pat Toomey.  He’s trailing Toomey right now in the polls.

democrat-voteAnd lest you think this move, along with Franken’s likely win (if that ever happens) gives the Senate Democrats their 60 vote filibuster proof bloc, remember there’s a little ole dealbreaker by the name of Joseph Lieberman, from Connecticut, that is no longer a Democrat.

And our own Representative Walt Minnick has thus far voted as if he had the (R) by his name.   Sigh.

So although we’re one vote closer, tomorrow is another day, dear readers!

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